Meet Donna

Donna recently retired in an early out option from the Federal Government where she had worked for 32 years , she is enjoying her retirement status and loves the feeling of not being restrained with completing projects on a scheduled basis.   In her newly retired bliss, Donna figures I will get to this "about me" page when I feel like it.  In the mean time I Carol will fill you in.

Donna the "Big Lens" Hen has the equipment and eye for catching anything moving (or not) but by far her favorite is wildlife, portraits and landscape. 

I'm sure Donna will fill you in with more about herself when the urge strikes her fancy but for now I can tell you Donna Davis is one great photographer who offers Family Portraits, Seniors, Newborns, Wedding & Event sessions.  Don't be fooled by her new found desire to be free of timely duties, Donna is very reliable & dependable and has been shooting photography for many years.

The Lake Anna & More menu offers some of our combined work where we offer prints, shower curtains, Duvet Covers, Pillows & other home decor.